Its not jus called Super Vision because it gives you Enhanced Vision or that its a fantastic idea.

It also means that YOU will Supervise the way your own Private Data is handled and giving you the ability to see what Apps are running, doing and collecting.

Users supervising their own digital footprints and data, as well as participating in the collective development of a worldwide artificial intelligence. By giving users control and ownership over their personal data and AI systems, Super Vision promotes privacy and empowers individuals to actively shape their digital presence.

In this context, users have the ability to supervise and manage their own digital footprints, deciding what information to share and how it is used. They can set preferences, permissions, and access controls, ensuring that their data remains private and protected. By actively supervising their digital presence, users can maintain a sense of agency and control in the online world.

Additionally, Super Vision allows individuals to contribute to the development of artificial intelligence collectively. Each user has their own AI system, which learns from their preferences, behaviours, and interactions. By leveraging collective intelligence, anonymized and aggregated data can be used to improve AI algorithms and systems at a global scale. This approach ensures that the development of AI is inclusive, diverse, and fair, as it incorporates inputs from a wide range of individuals.

By combining personal supervision of data and collective AI development, Super Vision creates a balanced and equitable ecosystem. It empowers users to have control over their digital lives while contributing to the advancement of AI technologies. This approach promotes transparency, accountability, and user-centricity, fostering a more inclusive and democratic digital landscape.

All external Digital content will be Placed in a Place and Time determined by who owns the Space or Advertisment space.

The XR Operating System will turn to Public Mode when you are in Public areas. This . You could be crossing the road but out from nowhere a Holographic Advertisement pops up infront of you because you passed an empty Can of pop on the street and distracts you.

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